Tracy Tracker is the world's first artificial intelligent accessory that lets you know your dogs health.


Pet health matters.

Artificial Intelligence helps!

Tracy Tracker is finally allowing your dog a voice. The Tracy Tracker is the worlds first artificial intelligent accessory that lets you know your dogs health. We track your dog's behavior and your dog will talk to you through our app. We track sleeping, drinking, eating, walking and running. We compare your dogs behavior against other dogs of similar age and breed before offering you real time suggestions to improve pet health, treatment and general happiness. The Tracy Tracker learn from your furry friend's updates and suggests corrective action.

Warning: the app is addictive! And yes, you will also be able to track your dog wherever he or she is! 


The Tracy Tracker Solution

Your Tracy Tracker will update you via our App on your phone about many things, including this:

  • If your dog is feeling ill
  • When it is time to feed your dog
  • When your dog needs to be more active
  • When to drink more water
  • Going to the bathroom!

You can also set goals on weight, playtime and outdoor activities, including runs and rest. Tracy Trackers let you know when something is wrong, and comfort knowing that everything is fine! 


About Tracy Trackers

Swedish natives & Tracy Trackers' founders Artan, Mikaela and Petter are passionate about dogs.

As natural dog lovers and tech geeks, they wanted to create a pet tracker that allowed their own dogs to talk to them, both if there was a problem, but also just telling them everything is fine.

Combining data from other dogs of same age and breed together with academic research, our founding team now have a product that allows dogs to communicate with their owners.

"We wanted to create a community of connected dogs, communicating with their vets and owners", says the team.

With Tracy Trackers, the future of pet technology is here, now! 


The best part is that as you keep using the tracker, it learns your dogs behavioral patterns and becomes more accurate
— Digital Trends
The collar goes beyond simply tracking where ones pet is located, and uses artificial intelligence to monitor exercise and health
— Trendhunter - Find better ideas, faster.
Adopting a dog is lot of fun, but you need to keep a close eye on its health. Tracy can help with that.
— Gadget

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