Tracy is dog tracker based on loyalty. Together we help create a dog safe world.
Tracy | Dog trackers based on loyalty
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How Tracy Works

A new era of dog care


Plug in your base station into your home.


Attach the Tracy Tracker to your dogs collar.


Track your dogs position, health and every move in the Tracy app. If your dogs runs too far you’ll be alarmed.

Tracy tracker

Smart artificial intelligence keeping track of every move.

The longest-lasting tracker ever made

Up to 6 months battery time on a single charge. The app will let you know when it's charger time, then simply place the tracker into the base for a full charge within 3 hours

One of the smallest trackers ever made

40x37x14mm and 25 grams - Comfortable for all dogs

Waterproof & Durable

Tracy is as comfortable in water as it is on land, so there's no change in routine if you're taking a trip to the park or the beach - Always action ready!

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Tracy app

Track your dog anywhere, anytime.


Use the map to track your dog's location quickly, if you ever need to find your escape artist.

Health Trends

Tracy tell you when something’s up and reassure you when everything’s alright - Keeping your companion in great shape for their age, weight, and breed.

Tracy apple and android app google play store
Safety zones

Create safe areas to easily keep tabs on your dog from wherever you are, and receive alerts when something is up.


Share your dog with friends and family. Knowing your dog is safe in their proximity.

Our story

My girlfriend had a dog named Tracy and one winter day she got lost. When that happened we just couldn’t find her. She made her way through miles of frozen Swedish terrain until she found a warm home in a close-by neighbourhood to take her in, but amazingly had not suffered any of the effects of the freezing temperatures. The hero who found her and took her in, successfully used social media to track us down. Seeing her again I felt uplifted and relieved. But I bet how you can imagine how awful I also felt thinking about most dogs who don’t get back.

I was working as an artist, but I had just got into mixing my art with technology. Age 19, I participated in a tv show called ”Idéfabriken”, a series about Sweden´s next success startup and that’s where I started to work on the concept of a dog tracker based on loyalty named after Tracy.



Artan Mansouri


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Where can you get your paws on one?

Launching soon on Indiegogo

Tracy is currently in development. Simply sign up below to find out when you can get Tracy to a special discounted price. Get a unique artwork of your dog by referering 3 friends after signing up!

(We won’t spam you, sell you out or do anything lame. We hate that too)